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Is refinancing right for you?

If you’re thinking about trading in your current mortgage for a new one, you’re not alone. With interest rates as low as they are right now, many homeowners end up saving significantly on their monthly payments. And that’s not even getting into all the other options refinancing can open up for you. Whether you want to swap loan types, tap into your equity, or even consolidate other higher interest debt, you're in the right place!

Reasons to refinance:

Lower your interest rate or monthly payment

Consolidate other higher interest debt

Shorten your loan term to pay off your mortgage faster

Convert from an adjustable rate to a low fixed rate

Eliminate mortgage insurance

Cash out for home renovations, college or anything else

Mortgage refinancing tailored to achieve your financial goals.

Whether you’re ready to refinance or simply weighing your options, the experts at First Integrity can help. With First Integrity, you’ll have direct access to a professional who can help you determine when to refinance, help you choose the best type of loan, and answer any questions you have about your home loan options. 

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